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Guitars & Things - Sales & Repairs.

Proudly owned and operated by Rob, Debbie and Rick Buitenhuis since 1991.

We offer a huge range of Guitars, Amplifiers, Effects Pedals, Accessories and other Musical Instruments to suit all budgets. We sell New, Secondhand and Vintage gear and also offer Top Quality Guitar Repairs/Servicing and Custom Guitar building.

Guitars & Things
Shop 3E Ross Smith Avenue,
Frankston, Vic, 3199
PH: 03 9770 1765

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Mayones, Tanglewood, Cort, Bacchus, Blade Levinson, Greco, Tokai, Dean, DBZ, BC Rich, Warwick, Tregan, MusicMan, Vintage, Lightwave, Faith, Aria, Greg Bennett, Relish, Sigma, DiPinto, Flaxwood, GJ2 Grover Jackson, Buitenhuis Custom  plus lots of secondhand guitars like Fender, Gibson, PRS, Tom Anderson, Suhr, G&L, Ed Roman, ESP, LTD, Heritage, Guild, Taylor, Martin, Maton, Cole Clark, Ibanez, Carvin, Gretsch, Washburn, Yamaha, O’Donnell Customs, Woodtone, Epiphone, Hofner, Musicman, Jackson, Charvel

+ Many More!

BadCat, Peavey, Diamond, Kustom, Blackstar, Egnater, DIME, Avatar Cabs, Laney, Ulbrick, George Evans, MI Audio, Orange, Strauss, plus lots of secondhand amps like Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Fender, Friedman, DR Z, Matchless, VHT, Vox, Suhr, Rocktron, THD, HiWatt, Krank, Hughes & Kettner

+ Many More!

MXR, Jim Dunlop, ElectroHarmonix, Zoom, Hardwire, Custom Audio Electronics, Blackstar, Ulbrick, Digitech, Ernie Ball, George Evans, Wampler, TC Electronic, Strymon, Weehbo, Carl Martin, CIOKS, T-Rex, Greenhouse, AMT, Providence, Analog Alien, Ed’s Mod Shop, Mad Professor, Friedman, Wilson, Lunastone, Black Cat, J Rockett, Deep Trip, MI EFFECTS, Maxon, Okko, Crazy Tube Circuits, Tech 21, DMB, SubDecay, Vemuram, Catalinbread, Lovepedal, Neunaber, Xotic, Solid Gold FX, Fulltone, Effectrode, Visual Sound, ZVEX and more!

+ Many More!

Kinman, Dimarzio
EMG, Seymour Duncan
LR Baggs, Fishman, BBand

+ Many More!