1995 Jose Romero 1A Flamenco Blanca with Case - Secondhand

1995 Jose Romero 1A Flamenco Blanca with Case - Secondhand

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No. 308 
Handmade in Spain, 
w/ Original Hard Case, 
Excellent Condition, 
Fan Braced European Spruce Top, 
Cypress Back and Sides, Ebony Fingerboard, 
52mm nut width, 
660 mm fingerboard,       

José Romero is a very well respected luthier having trained in the Ramirez workshop in the 1960’s and 70’s. This beautifully hand crafted guitar has all the attributes of the Madrid school, like a cross between a Ramirez, Condé and Arcangel. The tone is powerful but with a subtle oud like overtones. The late Ian Davis ( UK) loved Romero guitars and used them extensively. 

"The Spanish luthier José Romero Garrido was born in Baeza (Jaén) April 12, 1954.   His family moved to Madrid when he was but an infant, and he has lived there ever since. In 1968, when he was but fourteen, he began his professional career as a guitar maker, entering as an apprentice in the workshop of José Ramirez. By the time he was seventeen, he was promoted to the grade of guitar maker's assistant. A year later, he was again promoted to the level of junior craftsman.

After doing compulsory military service, he returned to the Ramirez shop and asked Jose Ramirez to examine him for promotion to the grade of master craftsman. Passing this exam with high marks,  José Romero worked for the next eight years in the Ramirez shop. In 1983, desiring to build instruments of his own design, José left Ramirez and opened his own workshop.

Jose Romero works alone, and builds fine handmade classical and flamenco guitars using traditional techniques. As a result his production is limited."

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