Hughes & Kettner Coreblade 100 Watt Valve Head

Hughes & Kettner Coreblade 100 Watt Valve Head


Hughes & Kettner Coreblade Head

Very Good Condition

  • Headline: Metal Head 2010

  • Channels: Clean, Drive, Ultra I, Ultra II

  • Power: 100 Watts

  • Poweramp: Shipped with 4x EL34, but also 6L6GC applicables

  • Preamp: three 12AX7

  • Modeling: No

  • Effects: 3 independent Digital-FX processors: Reverb, Delay, Modulation (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo)

  • Effects Loop: serial/parallel

  • MIDI: built in

  • Footswitch/Stageboard: MIDI-Board FSM-432 MKII included

  • Switching Functions: 4xPreset, Bank up, Bank down, Tap Delay

  • Special Features: All Controls are fully programmable; Adjustable Noisegate; USB-Backup; Tube Safety Control (TSC)

  • Presets: 128 user presets

  • Speaker Outputs: 1x 4Ohms or 2 x 8Ohms; 1x 8Ohms or 2x 16Ohms; 1x 16Ohms

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