RELISH Fiery Mary

RELISH Fiery Mary


Relish Guitars assure Swiss precision and quality of each guitar that leaves their workshop in Sempach Station near Lucerne in Switzerland. The team of eight guitar professionals works meticuously to ensure best-in-class quality from the first cut to the last riff of your set.

These magnificent instruments have some really groundbreaking design features like
their patented ‘Pickup Swapping System’ which enables you to swap pickups within seconds and adjust the height with two fingers. No soldering skills, and not a single tool required. Plug and play.

Also the sleek touch pad expands your pickup dynamics beyond the toggle spectrum. 17 positions and a two-finger coil split functionality allow you to find your perfect neck-bridge-mix along the tone spectrum.

The secret of Relish Guitars’ unique sound and extensive sustain lays in the construction: A sandwich of two wood veneers with an aluminium frame in between let the whole guitar vibrate unlike any other guitar construction.

Married to the maple neck, a environmentally friendly woven bamboo fretboard adds wealth of sustain and tone. Being also extremely resilient to changes in humidity, the Bamboo Fretboard requires very low maintenance.

Relish Guitars’ headstocks and necks are carved out of one single piece of wood. This unity results in higher resonance and a nearly unbreakable bent neck. Say goodbye to broken headstocks. Trust me, we tried.

Complete with a Relish Deluxe Hardcase

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