Kinman AVn-62 Single Coil Strat Pickup

Kinman AVn-62 Single Coil Strat Pickup


Enhanced Midrange for Blues

Available for Neck, Middle and Bridge Positions.

Also available in Black and Aged White upon request.

With the AVn-62 you can expect aged sound with Zero-Hum, longer sustain, minimized fret buzz and warm, sweet bluesy tone.  It's also good for modern rhythm lines.

You might like the warm vintage sound because it has more midrange coloration and no scoop, but the highs are still brilliant.  It's slightly louder than a stock Strat* single coil, and has a fatter, warmer tone than regular non-noiseless pickups.  You'll love the boxing glove attack and low-note growl factor.  No nasty, jagged ice-pick-in-the-ear annoyance that makes your ears hurt while the bass has an understated classic vintage warmth without the scoop of new non-aged Strat pickups.  It has  a lively and responsive feel and has the aggression of spanky new pickups.  It doesn't matter if your playing style is slow and soulful, fast and furious, bluesy, rock or virtuoso the AVn-62 will put a grin on your face. 

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