Kinman Broadcaster Telecaster Pickup Set

Kinman Broadcaster Telecaster Pickup Set


We are Authourised Australian Kinman dealers and have all models and options available upon request. (Also all Kinmans can be ordered with or without the Kinman logo - We will send ‘with the logo’ unless you request otherwise)

This set is comprised of AVn-48b & AVn-48n Gen-2 singles

Do you want heavier and focused tone with lots of dynamics, drive and attitude? 

Brad Paisleys favorite pickups and you will feel confidently in charge of your guitar sounds too.

This set has authentic single coil high end cut and growls more than the twangy 60's Custom set.  The excellent dynamic range will delight Tele players who want powerful punch.  The middle position of the selector switch produces an intense cluck that some players have said is "to die for".

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