Kinman Impersonator E69 Single Coil Strat Pickup

Kinman Impersonator E69 Single Coil Strat Pickup


Available for Neck, Middle and Bridge Position.

Also Available in Black and Aged White upon request.

This new Impersonator E69 is the latest addition to our impressive line-up of non-aged-sound Generation-2 Zero-Hum Strat pickups and fills the gap between the low output Scoop and the moderately loud Impersonator E56.

Recommended for ALL clean to distortion Strat* sounds.  Nails SRV's ‘Little Wing’

Outstanding sonic characteristics:  Sweeter, purer, more tinkly highs that feel light and bouncy when played as a chord and has a little less bite than the Impersonator E56.  More snap than the Scoop.  Remarkable presence factor thanks to more upper harmonics than modern Strat pickups -and- there is no hint of ice-pickup or upper mid spikes - just sweet gorgeous highs like you've never heard before.  Low wound strings are more scooped than genuine vintage and the moderately aggressive sound of Fender's CS 69 is instantly recognizable, sans the 60Hz hum.  Like a Fender pickup it resists crunching at clean loud room volume.

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