Kinman Nasty 90 Gen 3 - P90 Soapbar Pickup Cream

Kinman Nasty 90 Gen 3 - P90 Soapbar Pickup Cream

from 259.00

Also available in White and Black upon request at no extra charge. Or the Chrome Cover option is $15 Extra

Please note: Pictured with optional extra Kinman Mounting Plate valued at $30. You can purchase this pickup with or without this mounting plate from the box below.

The Kinman Nasty 90 is best suited for the bridge position where it gives a typical thick, focused P-90 growl ‘n’ grind at any volume.
(Often Paired with the Kinman ‘Clean Bridge’ Neck Model gives fantastic results)

Alternatively the Nasty 90 can also be used in the Neck position where it sounds similar to a conventional P-90 but with sweeter highs (no offensive mid spikes)
(Often paired with the 'Kinman ‘Nasty 90 Heavy’ in the Bridge)

The Nasty 90 is a Zero Hum P-90 pickup.

Mounting Plate:
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