Kinman ' The Scoop ' Single Coil Strat Pickup - White with Logo

Kinman ' The Scoop ' Single Coil Strat Pickup - White with Logo


Available for Neck, Middle and Bridge.

Also available in Black and Aged White upon request.

Here is The Scoop, it uses our remarkable Gen-2  technology to give you the same sound as a mid 70's Fender pickup which is an astounding achievement for a noiseless Strat pickup.

Recommended for clean to distortion Strat* sounds.  Richie Blackmore and some John Mayer sounds too.

Outstanding characteristics:  Much the same as the Big Dipper neck from Fender and Duncan.  Deeply scooped lower midrange, purity of highs, less aggression that all other Strat models so the sound is very smooth.  Resists crunching at clean loud room volume. The plain strings in particular sound extremely sweet and pretty, light and very open, almost acoustic, natural and transparent.  The wound strings have deeply scooped midrange, not much of piano mid-tones and a deeper bass than any of the best examples of new Stratocaster pickups.

Additional benefits:  There is a whole lot less magnetic string pull than regular Strat pickups so consequently there is no Strat-itis pitch warbling and string crash, just pure sustaining musical energy like you've never heard before (unless you already have Kinman Gen-2 pickups).  Balanced G-3rd string loudness.  Position 2 & 4 produces a milder version of Knopfler-esque sounds in a set of 3.  You will get Zero-Hum, longer sustain, minimized fret buzz and quite pretty mid 70's non-aged sound with this pickup.  Balanced 3rd string loudness.

Waxing the Lyrical:  The name was chosen for it's sonic similarity to Fender’s mid 70's and Big-Dipper pickups.  The most acoustic, natural sounding Strat model we make.  Softer attack and the strings can be pounded and the sound won’t crunch naturally.  This could not be achieved with conventional noiseless technology, it took several revolutionary technologies that were pioneered, invented and Patented by Kinman. 

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