Top Tone - Light Drive

Top Tone - Light Drive


The Light Drive is designed for those seeking an overdrive with the characteristics of warm, natural sounding tube amp saturation, allowing subtle harmonics and clear pick response to shine through, yet still transparent enough to retain your guitar tone.

This is an extremely versatile pedal, whether plugged into the drive channel of your amp, or using as a booster into your clean amp channel. The natural sounding overdrive created by the Light Drive can be controlled with the volume knob on your guitar, allowing a very articulate volume response from light cleans to crunchy rhythms. It can go from subtle, lightly driven tones, to full-on blues overdrive saturation.

  • True Bypass;

  • Extremely reinforced aluminum box;

  • LED with high brightness/low consumption;

  • Totally handmade with selected components (tested individually);

  • 2.1mm power supply connector in front (similar to Boss pedals);

  • Dimensions: 1.5" x 2.6" x 4.8" (40x66x122mm);

  • Covered with polycarbonate adhesive, very tough.

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