Kinman Twang-Bucker - Neck Humbucker Pickup

Kinman Twang-Bucker - Neck Humbucker Pickup


Available with or without Kinman Logo upon request

Step into the limelight center stage, all ears will be on you when you play it your way with your Twang-Bucker.  There is nothing like the Twang-Bucker with it's not 98%, not 99%, but 110% single coil sound.  It brings totally new, inspiring and beautiful crystal Fender-like sounds to Les Pauls and other guitars with Mahogany necks because it brings out the low end girth that Mahogany provides.  In Telecasters, Stratocasters and other guitars with Maple necks the Twang-Bucker sounds more like traditional Fender albeit with more juice but with better dynamics and prettier highs.

Imagine a Les Paul sounding like the best, biggest, juiciest Fender sound with the most luscious bass end and hugeest dynamics that you can imagine.  It has a clean sparkly sound rich in harmonics, prettier than a Strat pickup with a lotta juice and the huge girth of a P-90, and a lot of kick, snap and power.  The sound is HUGE and very responsive with beyond-excellent piano mid tones.  Sharp twangy, juicy and bitey but mellow and sweet at the same time depending on the way you pick or strum the strings.  It's great for twangy Country instrumental and for clean rhythm chops from the neck pickup like in early Beatles tunes.

Fantastic in the neck position and a great pickup to pair with it is the ‘Twang-Bucker Whopper Bridge’

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